Bel Air Students

Bel Air has grade-specific groups that allow for lasting friendships and relationship with Jesus.

Epic Student Event: Crudchella

JHM (Junior High Ministry) :: 6th–8th Grade

HSM (High School Ministry) :: 9th–12th Grade

11 a.m. Sundays > Evans Chapel
>> Relational youth ministries committed to connecting students with Jesus. Everything we do has that as a goal. Each year we do many trips and events where relationships can foster and grow, such as Forest Home Winter Camp, Summer Camping Experiences and Mission Trips. We also encourage students to participate in a small group to study the Bible together and encourage each other throughout the school year. It is through these Small Groups that some of the most growth happens in the lives of students. Weekly meetings of support, accountability, study and prayer provide faith building discipleship.

Special Activities

Families in Worship :: The first Sunday of every month we ask families to join together in worship. For this reason students are encouraged to attend the worship portion of the main service. After they students are dismissed from the service, they will be greeted outside by their Emerge leaders and taken to Evans chapel for the rest of program.

Sunday Mornings :: Our Sunday morning meeting is held weekly in Evans Chapel 11 a.m. Our time together includes interactive group games, large group teaching and small group discussions. 

Small Groups for 6th-12th graders at 10 a.m.   Students meet in Evans Chapel and participate in interactive games and a small group lesson.

Confirmation:: Confirmation is a time when young people claim the promises that were made on their behalf in baptism. It is an opportunity to learn what Presbyterians believe and to become full-fledged members of Bel Air Church. Students who have not been baptized will have the opportunity to do so when they are confirmed.

At Bel Air, the confirmation program (also called Confo) is available for students in 8th–10th grade. The program consists of a parent/student orientation, 7 classes, a retreat, a mentor relationship, church attendance, a service opportunity and study of the material. Because we take this step on your faith journey seriously, all of these pieces are mandatory to be part of the program. Students have three years to participate, so if scheduling conflicts prohibit participation one year, we encourage you to wait until another year when you are able to make the commitment to the program.

There will be a program fee for anyone going thru Confirmation to help cover the cost of the program.

Next Confo session will be in Spring 2018.




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