Men's Ministry

The Men's Ministry is dedicated to the spiritual growth of the men at Bel Air Church. As we seek to know Christ more and to be conformed to His likeness by God’s Holy Spirit, we gather together to study His word, to participate in fellowship and to be a light for Jesus Christ, both individually and as a body at Bel Air Church.

Monthly Men's Breakfast

The Men's Breakfast has been a vital component of the Men's Ministry for many years; we meet once a month for table fellowship, Bible study and encouragement. It's a great time for the men of Bel Air Church to come together and pursue what it means to follow Jesus every day and everywhere with everyone. The Men's Breakfast meets:

When :: Second Saturday of each month, 8 a.m.
Where :: Classroom Building, Room C302

BRING :: Potluck Breakfast: Bring bagels, fruit, juice, or other breakfast dishes! Or just bring yourself!

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Great news! Pastor Drew will be speaking at the October Men’s Breakfast.

We are in a series called American Idols: What Distracts Men from Following Jesus. It is a contemporary look at what men in our culture all too often put before their love for Jesus Christ. In our fast-paced, high-tech, and so-called enlightened society, the “high places” and “carved idols” of scripture have been replaced by a myriad of modern, but no less dangerous forms of idolatry. More about the series...

Over the course of the sessions we will examine:

Nov. 11         Rebecca Morgan             Marriage & Family
Dec. 9           Rev. Kim Dorr-Tilley         Career & Money
Jan. 13          Rev. Mike Morgan           Religion & Religious Practices

BREAKFAST: This month’s breakfast will be POTLUCK. If your LAST NAME begins with:

A-M – Could you, please, bring “main dish”-type food? If you stop at McDonald’s and get breakfast sandwiches or pancake meals, if you are a chef-type and want to bring a pre-cooked quiche or a pan of scrambled eggs; that would be great. If each of you brings something to feed 4-6 men a main dish, we should be good.

N-S – Could you guys, please bring some type of side dish? Fruit, bacon, sausage, hash browns. A fast food version of these side dishes is absolutely fine; again, think 4-6 guys each.

T-Z – Could you guys bring bagels/cream cheese, doughnuts and/or muffins, please? Obviously, this is a smaller group of guys, but since most of these items are sold by the dozen, if each guy can bring enough for 12, the yield should be about the same.

The church will provide coffee, tea and water (and some leaders will bring juice).

NOTE: There will NOT be any cooking or warming functions available, not even a microwave – so, please prepare accordingly.

See you then!
Men’s Ministry Team

More about the American Idols

When queried as to what is the greatest or most important commandment, Jesus replied, “The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength” (Mark 12:28-30, NIV). Therefore, our loving Jesus says that our greatest desire should be loving Jesus. Our primary focus, our deepest desire and our greatest love should be Jesus Christ.

And yet...

Today even some of the very "good" things God calls men to in our culture stand in the way of us experiencing God's "best," which is a deep and profound love relationship with our Lord and Savior. And when these choices or practices become more important to us than who we are in Jesus Christ, they may become idols. God’s Word calls us to flee from these forms of idolatry, but first we have to know what they are, how they have become more important to us than our faith and how to keep them in our lives in healthy ways while pursuing our relationship with Jesus as our greatest love.

Certainly idolatry in 21st Century America is not unique to the male gender, but some very specific idols have emerged that do tend to be. Over the course of the four sessions we will examine SEXUALITY & LUST, MARRIAGE & FAMILY, CAREER & MONEY and RELIGION & RELIGIOUS PRACTICES. In each session a guest speaker will address the topic, there will be a time for table discussion and a Q&A with the speaker.




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