Bel Air Kids

Kids through 5th grade have a special place in the Bel Air family. At Bel Air Kids, they can have fun, make memories and grow in their knowledge of Jesus.

Bel Air Kids' Mission

We are dedicated to the development of children as life-long followers of Jesus Christ and to provide resources that will equip, nurture, and partner with the family and the church community as we invest in their spiritual formation.

We believe that children can and must take part in the church's mission. Children learn at an early age that they are loved by God and the Christians around them and that they are a necessary part of the church today–not just the church of tomorrow.

Ultimately, we aim to develop a community in which children, adolescents and their families can experience the life-changing gospel message and learn to realign their will with God's purposes by trusting Jesus, all within the context of loving personal relationships.

To serve with Kids or Students, contact Jenny.


Sunday School: 8:30 a.m. & 11 a.m.

The main Sunday ministry opportunity for children. The program includes learning centers, teaching time and application activity.

Where we meet

Babies (3–walking well) :: C205
Wobblers (walking well–2 years) :: C204
Toddlers Younger (2–2.5 years) :: C203
Toddlers Older (2.5–3 years) :: C202
Preschool Younger (3–4 years) :: A201
Preschool Older (4–5 years) :: A202
Kindergarten :: C201
1st Grade :: C301

2nd Grade :: C302
3rd Grade :: C303
4th & 5th Grade :: A203
6th–8th Grade :: Attend JHM (Junior High Ministry) at 11 a.m. in Evans Chapel
9th–12th Grade :: Attend HSM (High School Ministry) at 11 a.m. in Evans Chapel

Kids Grow Experience: 10 a.m. (see schedule)

An enrichment program designed to compliment the Sunday School experience. Children participate in Growing Kids when their parents volunteer or attend another meeting outside of the worship services. Parents must be on campus to take advantage of this opportunity. Parents will check in once for the various classes.




Need assistance? Contact a staff member.