Mission Trips

Mission Trips

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Come Onboard and Outboard: Mission Trips

Come Onboard: Hundreds of people from Bel Air Pres have boarded one or more mission trips in the last few decades. High school, and college students, young adults, families and seniors have found in the mission trips important manifestations of their faith, and an opportunity to volunteer and serve in a context that is different from our everyday lives. Come Onboard: We have been in contact with partners in the city and around the world. Together we have prepared a number of mission opportunities that are discipleship driven, transformational and localizational. We invest in mission trips because we believe that they provide a great opportunity to learn about a different culture, or learn more about ourselves and experience a new way to view the world.

Come Onboard: The mission trips offer you a great experience of service and challenge you to be the hands, feet, and faces of Christ among the people we have served in the city and through the world. Mission Trips also can be an excellent first step for a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God and His mission in the world. Many pastors and missionaries serving in local and global missions were first called in a short term mission trip. During the past 8 months we have sent 5 missionaries from Bel Air Pres. All of them had a profound experience with God during their first short term mission trip.

Come Onboard: Come aboard on a trip that will take you into the World, into the country, or into our very own city. You do not need to leave the continent of the United States to go on a short term mission trip. There are opportunities to serve right here in Downtown Los Angeles, or we have opportunities to serve just in another state on an Indian Reservation in Minnesota. You can work in construction of homes for the poor, share the good news with children and adults, or learn how to be an advocate for peace, justice and reconciliation.

Come Outboard! The second part of our invitation (Come Outboard) is very important because these mission trips are more than just a trip. They are a pilgrimage. They may take you to exotic places. These short term mission trips may drive you outside of your safety and comfort zone. But it is just for awhile. What they can really do is have a lasting change on your life for the good. They can challenge you to value different things in your life. Explore these pages, learn more about the mission trips, pray about it, and contact us if you have any question. If God puts a desire in your heart to join one of the teams, come with us, Come Onboard.