worship services


Corporate worship is the center of the Christian community. We invite you to come experience worship at one of Bel Air's services.


9 am – TRADITIONAL means different things to different people. Ritualistic, dry, sleepy—no! Hymns, organ, choir, liturgy—yes, and more! This service is built on the timeless traditions of Christian worship, but isn’t stuck in the past. Enriched by the best of the ancient and the new, empowered by the Spirit’s presence today, we seek to worship God in spirit and in truth. Join us!

11 am & 6 pm - CONTEMPORARY: ancient worship in a modern expression, this service allows people space to enter into God’s presence in community. The band and community members facilitate the service as the pastor gives practical and spiritual guidance for living as followers of Jesus.

Programming for babies through 12th grade available Sunday mornings. Click here for details.


All three services have the same message most Sundays. The morning services are streamed live. Click here during one of the services or to listen or watch past sermons.