Bible Teacher Training

Bible Teacher Training


A training course for those interested in being able to TEACH the Bible (whether to your own family or to other believers.) Using the Bethel teaching training curriculum, this course provides an overview of the Bible’s narrative arc from Genesis to Revelation. You’ll discover major themes with memorable scriptural references and will emerge with working knowledge you can easily share with others. This is for anyone who has teaching and/ or leadership gifts and seeks to hone those gifts into skills to lift up the next generation of believers.

Note: This course involves a two year commitment and is taught at an advanced level. You will be trained to be a teacher of the Bible. It is worth every minute! We want to invest in you so that you can invest in others. See how God will use this amazing experience in your life and the lives of others. (Graduates of this course have been called and gone on to become elders, pastors and more!)


All who want the next-level of Bible teaching and to be equipped to be a teacher. There is an interview and application process, so contact Noralea today to begin the process.


Fall 2019 Schedule - New Testament 

Tuesday evenings > 7–9 p.m. - Please Note: There is an application process and it is required to have completed the Old Testament prior to enrolling to this series. 

     September 10–December 10 // Break for Thanksgiving/Christmas.

     January 7–April 28, 2019 // Break for Easter.

     May 5–June 9, 2019

Note: Cost for curriculum is $57.50 (hard copy) or $25.00 (electronic). 

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If you have questions, please call Noralea at (818)994-3089.