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In-Depth Bible Study taught by renowned instructors.


December 2–16: Dave & Nancy Worth: Advent Series

In The Word welcomes back Rev. Dave and Nancy Worth for a three-week Advent series titled "The Power of His Name." All are welcome to join in this opportunity to study the prophecy and story relating to the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Everyone attending will also have access to Nancy's Advent Guide. 

January 13-February 3: Tommy Givens: New Testament
March 24–April 14: Mark Roberts: Lent


January 21: 012118_IntheWord_Wilkinson_Abraham1.pdf

January 28: 012818_IntheWord_Wilkinson_Abraham2.pdf

February 18: 021818_IntheWord_Wilkinson_Abraham4.pdf 

February 25: 022518_IntheWord_Dorr-Tilley_TheForty1.pdf 

March 4: 030418_IntheWord_Dorr-Tilley_TheForty2.pdf 

March 11: 031118_IntheWord_Dorr-Tilley_TheForty3.pdf 

March 18: 031818_IntheWord_Dorr-Tilley_TheForty4.pdf

April 15: 041518_IntheWord_Worth_Jonah.pdf

April 29: 042918_IntheWord_Worth_Jonah.pdf

May 6: 050618_IntheWord_Sams_Cities.pdf

May 13: 051318_IntheWord_Sams_Cities.pdf

May 20: 052018_IntheWord_Wilkinson_Paul1.pdf

May 27: 052718_IntheWord_Wilkinson_Paul2.pdf

June 10: 061018_IntheWord_Wilkinson_Paul3.pdf


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"They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer." - Acts 2:42