Exodus Series 1


EXPERIENCE Bel Air Church’s new sermon series on Exodus: Oppression & Liberation. We hope you join us in person each Sunday [ 8:30, 11 a.m., or 6 p.m. ] to see how this ancient story can be applied today and how we are all on our own journey from oppression to liberation. This ARTWORK was specially commissioned by talented graphic painter, Scott Erickson, @scottthepainter. He is the same artist who created the art we had as our Stations of the Cross during Lent.

Join us, as we reveal a new piece of art every Sunday. We hope that you will have a Christ-centered conversation with someone who is not part of Bel Air Church each week. See discussion questions below or the postcard in the bulletin each week... Mail to a friend or keep it as a reminder.

week 1: September 2

Oppression & Liberation

READ: Exodus 1:1–10

MAIN IDEA: God is a God of RESCUE...in Exodus times & today!

1. Describe a season of peace in your life that was unexpectedly disrupted. How did this make you feel?
2. How do you navigate difficult times? Who or what do you rely on for strength? Explain.
3. Have you ever considered Exodus as both history and as a parable (lesson to be learned)? How could this relate to your life?

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week 2: September 9

Oppression in Egypt

READ: Exodus 1:8–22; 2:23–25

MAIN IDEA: In their oppression, they kept turning their hearts to God in prayer so they didn’t let the bitterness in.

1. Where do you see the oppression of people in the world today? How do you think God is moving in these circumstances?
2. When faced with a moral dilemma, do you take a side or stay on the sidelines? Why?
3. Do you see bullying or demeaning behavior happening first hand? If so, how might you be present in that moment?

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week 3: September 16

Encountering I AM

READ: Exodus 3:1–4:31

MAIN IDEA: God wants you to understand how deeply He knows and loves you.

1. What is something you have experienced that is difficult to describe to others?
2. What is an experience that has changed your perspective of God?
3. What impresses you about the fact that God wants to be experienced personally?

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week 4: September 23

Confronting Pharaoh

READ: Exodus 5:1–6:12

MAIN IDEA: Faith stands opposite to skepticism.

1. Have you ever encountered strong skepticism in which others reject God or your faith? If so, how did you respond?
2. Have you experienced skepticism from others when you are leading? How did that make you feel?
3. What can we learn from how Moses responded to skepticism?

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week 5: September 30

The Plagues

READ: Exodus 6:28–12:30

MAIN IDEA: The cause of discontent in our lives is that the objects of our love are "out of order."

1. Have you experienced love "out of order"? For example, when a love for things was greater than your love for people or your love for being in control was greater than your love of God.
2. God wants to be known and loved for who He really is. What things in your life distract you from knowing and loving Him?
3. Where do you turn to other than God (idols) for peace, security, satisfaction, and comfort?

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week 6: October 7

Blood of the Lamb

READ: Exodus 12:1–13:16

MAIN IDEA: When you behold the Lamb of God (Jesus), you become part of the greatest rescue in the history of humanity.

1. The Last Supper was a Passover meal. Have you ever taken time to understand the Passover and how it all points to Jesus?
2. In what ways do you feel stuck & need rescue?
3. What spiritual practice can you incorporate for the next seven days to "behold the Lamb of God"? (Read about Jesus in the Gospel accounts, pray, meditate on John 10:10, and/or have a conversation about Jesus.)

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week 7: October 14

Parting of the Red Sea

READ: Exodus 13:17–14:31

MAIN IDEA: God is a God of rescue in ways that we don't completely understand yet.

1. Consider a time when you felt stuck or in need of rescue. What was your first impulse to do in that situation?
2. Looking back, can you see a better outcome in the long run when you didn't get what you initially wanted?
3. Is there anything you need rescue from today, that you can turn to God for hope in?

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week 8: October 21

Worship In the Wilderness

READ: Exodus 15:1–21

MAIN IDEA: Often, we need to be around people that praise God in order to become people of praise.

1. Have you ever experienced such deep gratitude that it felt natural to thank God?
2. Can you recall a situation where you needed somebody else’s gratitude or praise to lift your spirits?
3. What is one tangible step that you can take to be around people that praise God more frequently?

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