Exodus: Part II

EXPERIENCE  Bel Air Church’s sermon series: Exodus Part II: Mountain & Sanctuary. We hope you join us in person [ 9, 11 a.m., or 6 p.m. ] to see how this ancient story can be applied today and how we are all on our own journey, from the mountain to the sanctuary. This ARTWORK was specially commissioned by talented graphic painter, Scott Erickson, @scottthepainter. He is the same artist who created the artwork from last year's Exodus Series, Part I: Oppression & Liberation as well as our Stations of the Cross during Lent.

Join us, as we reveal a new piece of art every Sunday. We hope that you will have a Christ-centered conversation with someone who is not part of Bel Air Church each week. See discussion questions below or the postcard in the bulletin each week... Mail to a friend or keep it as a reminder.

week 1: January 6


Holy Revelation

READ: Exodus 19:1–25

MAIN IDEA: Holy revelation is the best motivator for human transformation.

1. What typically motivates someone to make a new year’s resolution? Why are they so tough to keep? 
2. What are some things that you want transformed in your life in 2019?
3. What tangible step can you take today to saturate your life in God’s holy revelation on a regular basis?

Watch this week's sermon here.

week 2: January 13


Water & Manna

READ: Exodus 15:22–17:7

MAIN IDEA: Our Hearts and God’s Glory are Revealed in the Wilderness

1. Can you recall a time in your life when you faced tremendous difficulty relationally, physical, financially, or spiritually? What was your first reaction when it happened?
2. Have you experienced positive transformation as a result of going through a difficult trial? Has it shaped you to be more patient, more resilient, more prayerful, etc.?
3. If so much transformation happens through difficulties in life, why do so many people try to avoid difficulties?

Watch this week's sermon here.

week 3: January 20


Helping Hands

READ: Exodus 15:22–17:7

MAIN IDEA: The Power of God is Most Powerful in Community

1.    When you see a leader in need, what are some typical things that prevent you from offering help?
2.    Do you see it as a sign of strength or weakness when a leader needs and welcomes help from others?
3.    What is something in your life that you need help with? Who could help you with it?

Watch this week's sermon here.

week 4: January 27


Way of Life

READ: Exodus 20:1–21

MAIN IDEA: The Word of God is the Life-giving Way

1.    Do you feel God is for you, against you, or indifferent? How might this impact how you approach God?
2.    What is one thing from your past that is holding you captive? How is it affecting your life?
3.    What do you believe will bring you the life you are longing for?

Watch this week's sermon here.

week 5: February 3


Play by the Rules

READ: Exodus 21:1–24:8

MAIN IDEA: God gives us the law to protect us from each other

1.    Pastor Drew said “human rights are the most comprehensive and just when we believe that all people are created “in the image of God.”  Have you seen human rights violated as a result of people being considered “less than human?”
2.    Nearly half of the “rules” outlined in this section of Scripture have to do with protecting the helpless.  What does that tell you about God’s character? What does that tell you about our character?

Watch this week's sermon here.

week 6: February 10


Meal With God

READ: Exodus 24:9–18

MAIN IDEA: You CAN Experience the Presence of God


1. When was the last time you were filled with awe?

2. Have you ever gotten a glimpse of God’s glory?

3. Have you ever had a long, lingering meal that you wish would never end?

Watch this week's sermon here.

week 7: February 17


Dwelling Place

READ: Exodus 25:1–9

MAIN IDEA: God longs to swell with us here


1. What makes you feel at home?

2. What is your reaction to the fact that God wants to make His home with you.

Watch this week's sermon here.

week 8: February 24


Set Apart

READ: Exodus 28:40–43; 29:35–46; 31:12–13

MAIN IDEA: God sets apart his people to be a part of the reconciliation of all things


1. Think about some examples in culture where individuals come together with a specific part to accomplish something greater together.

2. What thoughts or emotions are stirred up when you hear that God has a part for you to play in what He wants to accomplish?

Watch this week's sermon here.

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