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Kasr El Dobara Evangelical Church :: Cairo

Five blocks from the Nile River, tucked into a crowded neighborhood that includes the U.S. and British embassies, is the largest Protestant church in the Arab world, Kasr Dobara. The vision of Kasr El Dobara Evangelical Church is built in part on the blessing of Egypt found in Isaiah 19:25, "Blessed is Egypt, My people."


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Stories from our recent visit


Day 1 :: It's Only the Beginning... by Ire Wardlaw

Dear God, something is stirring inside of me. Here I am. In Egypt. I followed your voice to come, and here I am.

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Day 2 :: Doors: The Interview by Dawnielle Materre & Scott Line

My team co-leader, Jenny Garris, asked me if I was interested in writing a blog (which I’ve never done before) and then Scott, my teammate sitting beside me, said there was something on his heart he wanted to share...

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Day 3 :: God's Healing Grace by Lee Garrison

This is my second year for going on the Bel Air mission trip to Egypt. I have been blessed to visit probably 5 or 6 different villages during this time and it is encouraging to see what God is doing for the people of Egypt...

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Day 4 :: Fishers of Men by Mike Fucci

Despite waking up so early, I feel fully rested. There is definitely something about getting out of Los Angeles and the usual mind-clutter that envelopes my thoughts in the morning...

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Day 5 :: Where Do I Fit In? by Scott Line

I have a feeling that there might be a lot of Christians out there who have not yet been on a mission trip because of this exact question. For probably almost 5 years now my dear friend and team leader Fucci would ask me if I would go with him on the Egypt team Mission Trip, and my answer would always be “no”...

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Day 6 :: Egyptian History by Olivia Awadalla

Egyptian history and creation's are so rich and amazing when seen up close in person...

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Final Thoughts :: All Soldiers...Shoulder to Shoulder by Jenny Garris

What a week we have had! Let there be no mistake, the Lord is working in the Middle East. He is alive and well but the battles are raging! Pray constantly for...

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