Students at Bel Air

Youth Discipleship Mission

Bel Air's Youth Discipleship Department, is a Discipleship Community dedicated to the development of adolescents as life-long followers of Jesus Christ and to provide resources that will equip, nurture, and partner with the family and the church community as we invest in their spiritual formation.

We believe that adolescents can and must take part in the church's mission to make Los Angeles the greatest city for Christ. Students learn that they are loved by God and the Christians around them and that they are a necessary part of the church today–not just the church of tomorrow.

Ultimately, we aim to develop a community in which children, adolescents and their families can experience the life-changing gospel message and learn to realign their will with God's purposes by trusting Jesus, all within the context of loving personal relationships.

Our Staff Team

RO Smith & Dr. Mindy Coates Smith
Co-Directors of Children and Youth Discipleship /

Shannon Dunn
Coordinator of 5th & 6th Grade Discipleship

Will Taylor
Coordinator of 7th & 8th Grade Discipleship

Tom Harrits
Coordinator of High School Discipleship

Lauren Garcia
Administrative Assistant to Children & Youth Discipleship