Baja Build: Homes of Hope

BAJA BUILD: Homes of hope


In 2018, Bel Air Church partnered with YWAM to build two houses.
In 2019, we're building three.

Our teams work alongside YWAM’s Homes of Hope ministry to provide homes for families in Mexico. Youth with a Mission works with the local Mexican community on a long-term basis, finding and screening families that will receive homes. In a weekend, our team of all ages will build homes and learn together about all that God is working to redeem in Mexico!

Join us!


Our Team has reached its capacity. Please stay tuned for upcoming Mission Teams in 2019!

What You Need to Know

Who: You and 89 of your closest friends
What: Building three homes (larger 20x20 homes)
When: February 8-10, 2019
Where: Baja/Tijuana - San Antonio Del Mar
Team Lead: Mark Berggren
How Much: $355/adult - $255/children (ages 12 and under)
- Cost includes transportation from San Diego to the build site, ALL meals (starting from dinner on the first day), dorm-style accommodation, Homes of Hope program and t-shirt
Deposit now per person: $55

Questions? Email us at [email protected]

Typical Schedule

Friday, February 8th:
1:30 PM - Team meets at YWAM HQ in San Diego
2:00 PM - YWAM Busses Take Team to Mexico
3:30 PM - Arrive on Campus
5:30 PM - Dinner on Campus
6:30 PM - Team Meeting/Devotional Time
7:00 PM - Free time on Campus (the kids love playing Soccer on the beautiful soccer field),

Saturday, February 9th:
7:30 AM - Breakfast on Campus
8:00 AM - Depart for build site
12:30 PM - Lunch break @ build site
4:30 PM - Return to Campus / Snack
6:00 PM - Dinner on Campus
7:00 PM - Team Meeting/Devotional
7:30 PM - Free Time on Campus 

Sunday, February 10th
7:30 AM - Breakfast on Campus
8:00 AM - Depart for build site
12:30 PM - Lunch break @ build site
2:30 PM - Key Ceremony for the family receiving the home
3:00 PM - Depart for Campus
4:00 PM - Depart for Border
7:00 PM - Expect to arrive back at YWAM HQ in San Diego
7:00 PM - Depart San Diego for home

Note from Pastor Mike

Hi Team Baja - Builders of Hope! 

I have so many great memories from our time together last year! It's amazing to be reminded of the two families who are living in the homes built by our hands. I imagine the children getting out of their bunk beds, having breakfast and making it to school on time. Maybe later that night, the families will sit around the dinner table and share stories of their day. Imagine: what we were able to do in just two days has changed the life of a family forever. What a beautiful thing to be ambassadors of God's grace. Let's go Build Hope again in 2019!

- Rev. Mike Morgan

Building the House

Team After Completing the House


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