Sunday Worship Experience


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Sunday Worship Experience

In case you missed the announcement in service on January 22, 2017. This announcement was made at all services.
NOTE: This recording is from the 11 a.m. service. Please watch and then read below...


- POSTED JANUARY 23, 2017 -

In case you missed the announcement in service, please read below...

Bel Air Church
Sunday Worship Experience
- Gathering for God’s Glory -


We passionately believe that God has called us to:

Follow Jesus Every Day and Everywhere with Everyone.
So That
Every Person, Every Neighborhood, and Every City will be Revived and Renewed by Jesus.


Our church Elders (made up of lay and pastoral leaders) have been working for the last 14 months on re-imagining everything about our experience together on Sundays so we can more effectively and efficiently disciple our congregation and reach people for Jesus. This would encourage people to not just worship and go, but rather to worship and grow. As a valued, invested worshipper in the Bel Air family we are inviting you to help lead towards this new vision prayerfully and faithfully. Session has decided the following is in the best interest of our BAC church body as a whole:
To have two Sunday morning services of the same basic styles we currently have (one traditional and one contemporary) scheduled at times to be determined but in a way that creates adequate space for “Grow” time between, and to move the 6:00 evening service to 5:00 and add children’s programming at 5:00.
What this means:

  • Beginning later this year (date to be determined), those who currently worship at 901 will have three new options to worship in the Sanctuary on Sundays (morning traditional, morning contemporary, or 5:00 pm contemporary).
  • The 6:00 service will be moved to 5:00 to make it a more attractive option for young families.
  • All three services will offer child care and children’s programming.

Why the change?

  • To deepen and broaden intergenerational community and to allow for enhanced discipleship growth opportunities.
  • To free up space (mental and physical) to foster more intentional and meaningful connections and relationships.
  • To better align resources (people and property) to maximize impact of our ministry.
  • To provide more meaningful worship experiences as we refocus each of the three worship services to better align with their respective worship communities.
  • To open up more possibilities for youth ministries to deepen and broaden on Sundays.

What is still being discussed?

  • Start date for this change
  • Service times for two morning services
  • Student/youth program plans and start/end times
  • Developing the “Grow” component in between the Sunday morning services

How you can help:

  • Pray that our Session’s decision will be God-blessed and our broad worship community
    will embrace this change with enthusiasm and excitement.
  • Pray that God will use this change to deepen and broaden the impact of our ministry.
  • Pray that more people will come to know Jesus and become part of our growing
    church community.
  • Pray that God will help stretch you and others to participate in helping others worship and grow.


A few words from some of our Elders...

“I am eager for the proposed change in schedule because I believe it allows for more opportunity for authentic fellowship. Creating the space, both physically and spiritually, to connect with campus and each other, is what I am most excited for. This change will be hard, but I believe that we as a church can embrace the new-ness and the change in schedule; trusting the call that God is inviting us into this season of growth, flexibility, and change – so that, we can be a community that glorifies Him because we are in relationship with Him, and each other.” – Alli Newell
“I have been a part of many changes at Bel Air since 1966. I am prayerfully committed to the Holy Spirits leading during this season in the life of Bel Air and look forward to noticing how God shows up, as He always does. : ) “ – Noralea Goodrow
“We are blessed to be ushering in a new approach to Christian living that seeks to connect our community not only through worship but also through fellowship and teaching.” – Tara Murphy
“So excited to have been part of a yearlong process that encompassed much prayer, God’s leading and Session’s vision as we pursue opportunities to bring us closer together in community and fellowship as we follow Jesus every day and everywhere with everyone.  I trust that God is calling us to this new vision.” – Karen Mizrahi
 “I have so valued worshipping with our 9:01 community. And so it is with a mix of sorrow and hope filled anticipation that I look forward to the unity and greater sense of community this change will bring. I am so grateful to serve alongside leaders who look not only to their own interests, but also the interests of others as we prayerfully, thoughtfully, and hopefully anticipate the future of Bel Air Church.” – Rev. Mike Morgan, Pastor of Caring & Local Outreach Ministries
 “It’s been so humbling to be part of our church’s session that prays and bends and listens to God’s plans for us at Bel Air and leads into this calling.  I am grateful and passionate to serve our Lord through the ministry of Bel Air Church and so excited to see what comes!” – Rev. Kim Dorr-Tilley, Pastor of Entertainment & Prayer Ministries
 “I’m excited about the new possibilities for spiritual growth and communal fellowship provided by the adjustment of our worship schedule. After almost a year of discussion, prayer and contemplation, I firmly believe that Bel Air is heading in a Spirit-led direction; a direction that will not only enrich our Sunday experiences in 2017, but prepare us to welcome all those God calls to us in the years ahead.”
– Charlie Shahnaian

“While it is difficult to say goodbye to the 901 experience and community, where we have grown from newlyweds to parents of young kids, I am hopeful that the space created by Session's decision to free up the Discipleship Center and reconsider the times of the remaining Sunday services will result in even deeper connections with our extended Bel Air family and richer opportunities to grow collectively in our faith, service and stewardship as a church community.” 

– Melanie Howard
“With change comes opportunity as we enter into a new season further aligning our worship services and growth opportunities with our mission and values. I'm excited to see our Sundays evolve, take shape and allow our church body to grow together as we grow in Him.” – Brian Watson

May God continue to bless this church family and draw us closer to Him as we work alongside one another to not just worship and go but rather worship and grow.

Thank you for your prayers as we proceed down this path together,

The Session of Bel Air Church









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