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In-Depth Bible Study taught by renowned instructors.


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May 5–August 4: Re-Member Bel Air
Re-Member Bel Air, hosted by In the Word, invites you to recommit yourself to the church you may have joined 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years ago. We are a church anchored in tradition.  We are a church preaching the gospel and centering ourselves in Christ. And we are a church called to our future with an increasing awareness of God’s plans to revive and renew our neighborhoods, city, and world through Christ’s ministry at BAC.

This 8-week series of classes and conversations invites you to discover the BAC you helped build and renew your membership vows in worship.*

*If you have not yet become a member of BAC but you’d like to do so through taking this class, please email for more information, or visit our Membership page.

Part 1 > Re-Member BAC:
Week 1 > May 5: The significance of YOU at this church and the Utter Centrality of Jesus here
Week 2 > May 12: A church conceived in tradition – our core doctrinal beliefs and why these are important. And, if there is time, our polity
Week 3 > May 19: A church conceived in tradition – CONFESSIONS OF THE CHURCH
Week 4 > June 2: A church conceived in tradition – CONFESSIONS OF THE CHURCH

June 9: United Worship – No In the Word

June 16–July 7: Dale Bruner: The Gospel of John Ch. 1–12: The Signs and Miracles

Part 2 > Re-Member BAC:
Week 5 > July 14: A Church called to our Future – Mission & Vision of BAC
Week 6 > July 21: A Different Kind of Giving (Biblical Stewardship of time, treasure, and talent)
Week 7 > July 28:  A Different Kind of Church – A Bethany Church – the Values of BAC
Week 8 > August 4: A Different Kind of Membership


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June 10: 061018_IntheWord_Wilkinson_Paul3.pdf


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"They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer." - Acts 2:42