Grow Workshops

Sundays > 10 a.m. >> The workshops will be in three basic categories: Jesus I want to: LEARN from You... BE with and like You...and DO what You want me to. On the first Sunday of each month, we will have an All-Church Grow Experience, where all ages and stages will come together to grow! Worship service times...

Traditional: 8:30 a.m. | Contemporary: 11 a.m. & 5 p.m.

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All-Church Grow Experiences

All-Church Grow Hour: Typically, the first Sunday of each month to line up with Families in Worship.
Note: Kids join their families during All-Church Grow Hours. There will not be separate programming for kids and students.

Coming All-Church Grow Hours:
12/3: Christmas Carol Sing-along & Hot Chocolate
1/7: Relax & Share

November Grow Workshops: Gratitude > Sundays > 10 a.m.

11.12, 11.19 workshops will complement Pastor Drew's series on Gratitude.
Note: Workshops will repeat each Sunday so you can experience Learn, Be, and Do.

Learn: The Gratitude of Jesus Workshop > DC102

11.12, 11.19: What was Jesus thankful for? Let's enter into a few scenes in Scripture where He gives thanks to God. (taught by Rev. Kim Dorr-Tilley)

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Be: Gratitude: Giver and Gift! Workshop > Student Ctr.

11.12, 11.19: Practical applications for gratefulness and being with God in our thanks will be shared. (taught by Rev. Care Crawford)

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Do: Practice Gratitude Workshop > DC101

11.12, 11.19: Learn how to practice gratitude in your daily life. (taught by Rev. Mike Morgan)

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