Sundays > 10 a.m. >> See below for content and teaching styles for our Grow Hour. Worship service times...

Traditional: 8:30 a.m. | Contemporary: 11 a.m. & 5 p.m.

All-Church Grow Experiences

Intergenerational and fun times together, growing as a whole church family.

3/25: Campus Encirclement and Prayer
6/3: Baptisms on the Patio
8/26: Meet Your Neighbors (on campus)Kids' Grow will happen this day
10/7: Local & Global Brunchnic: Bring food to share and find out more about out local and global partnerships and missions over a meal > Discipleship Center
Note: Kids join their families during All-Church Grow Hours. There will not be separate programming for kids and students.

Learn/Be/Do Workshop > DC101

Interactive workshops with engaging teaching.    Resources & Recordings

3/11–3/18: Rev. Care Crawford will be helping people discover and implement Spiritual Disciplines.

4/8–5/27: Foundations for Faith: If you have a lot of unanswered questions about Jesus and Christianity, then the Grow Hour's "Foundations for Faith" is something that you don’t want to miss! This class hits on some of the very foundational issues in Christianity, such as: Who is the Holy Spirit?, Why Did Jesus Have to Die?, and many others. If you’ve got questions, this class is where you’ll get the answers.

Taught using the ALPHA course curriculum by dynamic and accessible teachers, Will Bredberg and Joshua Jaedicke. More...

Bible Study: In the Word > DC102

In-Depth Bible Study taught by renowned instructors.    Resources & Recordings

3/11–25: Rev. Kim Dorr-Tilley will be teaching on "The Forty." During this time of Lent, the church's ancient tradition is to designate 40 days prior to Easter for reflection and preparation. What is the Biblical significance of this period of time? In this 4 week series, Biblical texts ranging from Moses to Jesus and from wilderness to wonder will be explored to deepen our understanding of observing The Forty. Class Details: 2/25: "The Forty of Flood, Desert and Kingdoms" (from Genesis through the Prophets) | 3/4: "The Forty of Wilderness" (the Temptation of Jesus) | 3/11: "The Forty of Watching" (the days before the cross) | 3/18: "The Forty of Waiting" (Resurrection to Pentecost)

4/8-4/29: "Jonah…Surprised by Grace," taught by Dave and Nancy Worth.

Marriage & Family > Student Center

Sundays: People who are married and/or have kids, come together for community and to grow in God's Word. Join us!