November is Gratitude month!

In November, our goal is to GIVE AWAY $60,000 for God’s glory. God has blessed us beyond measure with our lives and the ultimate Gift of His Son, who gives us life to the full (John 10:10)! Together, we can share our blessings with thousands around the world through Bible translations to unreached groups, school and hope for kids, a Thanksgiving meal, and trauma care for refugees. If our goal is surpassed, funds will go to our current outreach commitments. 100% of the Gratitude funds will go to:

                       HEAD        $8,000    Evangelism: Bible Translation
                                         $6,000    Discipleship: Student Scholarships

                       HEART      $8,000   Children At Risk

                       HANDS   $30,000   Thanksgiving Meals

                       HOME       $8,000   Shelter, Food, & Trauma Care

More specific info below...

How to give:

Use the "Donate Now" button below, Text “belairchurch” to 77977 & follow the simple instructions. Or give Cash or Check (write gratitude in the subject on offering envelope). Click Donate Now below and select the "Gratitude Fund" from the giving type drop-down menu.

Donate Now

Thank you & alternate gift options:

As a way of sharing this blessing further, if you give $34 or more, we have prepared an ornament (available in the Narthex & Grow Workshops) for you to give as a Christmas gift in someone’s name, while supplies last.

How your gift can make a difference:

  • HEAD: Bible Translation, Discipleship, & EVANGELISM thru missionaries
    Missionaries in unreached areas are translating the Bible and teaching kids about Jesus’ love for them.
    --> a gift of $400 pays for 1 month of support for a missionary

  • HEAD: DISCIPLESHIP: Student Camp Scholarships through BAC
    Scholarships allow students (6th–12th grades) to attend fun, impactful Christian camps.
    --> a gift of $200 helps pay for 1 student to attend camp

  • HEART: CHILDREN AT RISK: Tuition for Orphans in India
    Our partner church in India is providing care and schooling for children in orphanages.
    --> a gift of $100 pays for 1 orphan to attend school for 1 year

  • HANDS: THANKSGIVING MEALS for people in Los Angeles
    Providing Bibles, food, and prayer to individuals as well as organizations serving those in need.
    --> a gift of $40 pays for 1 basket that can feed up to 10 people >> Click here to sign up to help pack or deliver boxes.

  • HOME: SHELTER, FOOD, & TRAUMA CARE in the Dem. Rep. of Congo
    Our partner church in Bunia is providing food, shelter, trauma care, and rebuilding of homes for refugees.
    --> a gift of $60 pays for 1 refugee to receive care

40 Days of Gratitude

Practice Gratitude in these ways and experience how God can transform your: Head, Heart, Hands, & Home.
11.1: Meditate on three things in your day that are beautiful.
11.2: Savor something.
11.3: Write a gratitude list (as fast as you can).
11.4: Have a conversation with someone after the service regarding what gratitude means to them.
11.5: Journal your intentions to be grateful.
11.6: Write down what gratitude means to you.
11.7: Create a list of activities that make you happy and try one.
11.8: List three good things: three things that went well in your day.
11.9: Write three things in your daily life that you may take for granted.
11.10: Make a list of important people in your life.
11.11: Write down your feelings regarding one positive way you experienced God in Worship.
11.12: Take a “music bath.”
11.13: Pay attention to something you normally wouldn’t enjoy & find something good about it.
11.14: List three good things that went well in your day & why they did.
11.15: Take note of how it felt for someone else to express gratitude toward you.
11.16: When something positive happens to you today, take note of how you feel. Don’t breeze past it, but notice it, feel it, and thank God for it.
11.17: Breath. Intentionally take a deep breathe in & slowly exhale (do this three times). Pay attention to how you feel & thank God for the life you’ve been given.
11.18: Thanksgiving Baskets: Serve the City TODAY in our Lower Parking Lot after the morning service!
11.19: Choose an important person from your list and DRAFT a “Gratitude Letter” thanking them for how they positively affect your life (don’t send it yet).
11.20: Draw, dance, or engage in some other creative outlet you enjoy.
11.21: Finish your “Gratitude Letter.”
11.22: This Thanksgiving, lead at the table by sharing at least three things you are grateful for & why.
11.23: Move your body and thank God for the body you’ve been given.
11.24: Before you eat today, think about where the food came from. Thank God for the hands of the people who cultivated, harvested, & prepared your meal.
11.25: Visit the Give Back patio table & learn ways you can make a difference in the city & world.
11.26: Pray a prayer of Thanks before you eat your meals today.
11.27: Arrange a date to meet the person to whom you wrote the Gratitude Letter, then read the letter aloud to them. Talk about the letter afterward.
11.28: Take a “Grace Walk” & take photos of the beauty around you.
11.29: During one of your meals, slow down as you eat your first bite & appreciate its texture & flavor. How does this change your experience? Thank God for your food.
11.30: Take a “Mindful Walk” around your neighborhood. Notice details: What color is your neighbor’s house? What trees line your street? Thank God for your neighbors & neighborhood.
12.1: Don’t try to force yourself to be grateful. Stay creative and keep your Gratitude streak going!
12.2: Make 1 mundane act more enjoyable. Stuck in traffic? Turn up your favorite song!
12.3: Write about an aspect of yourself that you don’t like. Now imagine yourself as your best friend and create a counter argument in your own defense. Finish by writing down aspects about yourself you are grateful for and why.
12.4: Go out of your way to thank someone today.
12.5: Describe one of the happiest days of your life. Thank God for that day.
12.6: Look into the eyes and smile at those you pass by. Thank God.
12.7: Plant grace for someone in your life today. Get someone flowers or food, etc.
12.8: Make a Grace Photo Album. Take photos of things you find beautiful, touching, or that make you happy.
12.9: For one day, try and make your decisions based upon what would be in the best interest of others. Journal what you noticed about this day. Thank God for the people in your life.
12.10: Stay creative and keep your Gratitude streak going!