Giving to Bel Air Church: Great news! We have a new easier, more mobile-friendly donation service, called PushPay. It's secure and you can quickly set up one-time or recurring tithes/gifts. Click the donate now button below.

Year-End Giving & Holiday Office Hours
The Finance Department will be in the office December 27, 30 & 31 (9 a.m.–2 p.m.) to assist with year-end giving. The rest of the church offices will be closed December 24 –January 1.

Did you know that you can DONATE STOCK to Bel Air Church?
Many stocks have recently appreciated, and this is a way that investments can be multiplied into Ministry through Bel Air Church, while often creating tax advantages for donors. If you are planning on donating appreciated stock or would like info, please email the Finance Department  or call (818) 788-4210, ext. 130 or 144, no later than December 20.

Legacy Giving System: You can still access your old recurring gifts, etc. at the Legacy system (Service U) link below. We will be switching over to our new service fully in the next few months. Note: creating new gifts in PushPay will not cancel existing gifts in ServiceU. You will need to cancel them in ServiceU. Thank you.

Legacy system (Service U) - for updating existing recurring gifts on legacy system.

Mission Teams: Click the button below to see this year's mission teams and give toward the costs of the trips.

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