Worship At Bel Air

Worship at Bel Air 2012 Guest Speaker Series

Come hear some of the most renowned Christian speakers in the country at Bel Air Presbyterian Church. Each Sunday all through November and December, Bel Air Presbyterian Church, is thrilled to welcome, some of the most powerful voices in ministry—from a retired US Navy SEAL to former chaplain for the United States Senate. So, invite your family members, coworkers, friends, and acquaintances to hear the life-changing message of the gospel!

11.11 Dr. Henry Cloud
Dr. Henry Cloud is a clinical psychologist, leadership consultant, speaker and best-selling author whose books have sold over 5 million copies. He's known for being able to simplify life's issues and gives easy to understand practical advice on how to live a better life.
>> Dr. Henry Cloud

11.18 Jeff Bramstedt
Jeff Bramstedt is a former US Navy Seal and co-founder of Force Ministry, a ministry committed to raising up members of the armed forces and law enforcement and their families to embrace a Christ centered life.
>> Life of Valor

11.25 Ralph Winter
Ralph Winter has produced or executive produced over 25 films throughout his career including some of 20th Century Fox's biggest box office successes: the X-Men Trilogy, Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes, Wolverine, and the Fantastic Four movies. A graduate of UC Berkeley, Ralph is married, with two children and is active in community affairs.

12.2 Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie
Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie was the Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood for 23 years prior to becoming the 61st Chaplain for the United States Senate. For 17 years, he had a national syndicated radio and television ministry called Let God Love You.
>> Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie

12.16 Erwin McManus
Erwin McManus serves as the principal leader of Mosaic in Los Angeles. He is the creative force behind McManus Studios that focuses on arts and is the author of Soul Cravings and Wide Awake. He graduated from Southwestern Theological Seminary and holds a Doctorate of Humane Letters from Southeastern University.
>> Mosaic

12.23 Tony Campolo
Tony Campolo has authored 39 books and is a media commentator on religious, social and political matters. He is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Eastern University in St. Davids, Pennsylvania and earned a Ph.D. from Temple University. Millions have been inspired by Tony's powerful message of hope.
>> Tony Campolo

12.24 Dr. Richard Mouw
Dr. Richard J. Mouw received his PhD in philosophy from the University of Chicago and studied at Western Theological Seminary. He is an American theologian, philosopher and prolific author who has served as president of Fuller Theological Seminary since 1993 and recently announced his retirement in 2013.
>> Fuller Theological Seminary