Bible 20/20: Bethel :: An Overview of the Bible

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Bible 20/20: Bethel: Seeing the Story Whole

Bible 20/20 is a course based on the Bethel curriculum that takes you through the entire Bible in 40 lessons: 20 on the Old Testament, followed by 20 on the New Testament. It is an excellent way to gain a comprehensive overview of the Bible and to establish a solid foundation for your faith.

The class makes the historical and cultural context of Biblical events come to life, and highlights the continuing theme of God's love, faithfulness, and redemptive purposes for the world. The class is a great way to meet new friends and enjoy fellowship with others in the Bel Air community.

A Manageable Commitment

New classes begin three or four times a year, and are currently available in three locations: on the main campus of  Bel Air church, in West Los Angeles (Culver City), and in the San Fernando Valley (Tarzana). The classes meet for 1.5 hours once a week. There are breaks for holidays, and during the summer months. The entire series can be completed in about 15 months (including breaks), or you can complete the Old Testament series first, and do the New Testament series at a later time.

Registration & Coming Classes:

Bel Air Pres, Main Campus:

New classes coming in Sept 2015! Stay tuned for details.

Re: Old Testament
If you have completed the Old Testament Class at some time and would like to compete the New Testament feel free to enroll in one of the two classes being offered.

Cost for Materials
$50 for Old Testament & $50 for New Testament

For questions please contact Noralea (818) 994-3089 or

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